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    sys password

      When i installed oracle9i server i changed sys's password and system's password as well .But later on i forget them both .I hardly tried to remember them.Is there any way to solve this dilemma.

      I would highly appreciate any help.it's a real problem.
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          Alter the password.
          ALTER USER SYS IDENTIFIED BY <password>
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            If you do not have any DBA privileges, then you can not use alter user commmand to change the sys/system passwords.

            I assume, the password file is sitting in

            Go to command prompt, Goto BIN directory,

            orapwd.exe file=D:\oracle\ora92\database\PWDstandby1.ora password=sys

            Rename the PWDSTADNBY1.ora with actual file.

            Shutdown and restart the database.


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              If iam a DBA and I lost my sysdba or sys password, what is th ealternative option i have? Could any one tell this...

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                you can log to system/pwd@service and use alter user ys identified by password ;
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                  If you can't login at all, how would you get into SqlPlus to type those commands?

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                    I am facing problem similar to this.But my problem is that while installing oracle i changed the password.But i can connect with sys and system using any pwd.Any reasons for so.

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                      I tried to recreate the password file with new password for sys ,but the problem still unsolved .Did anyone have successfuly solve it ?

                      with regards
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                        There should be no problem in doing this.

                        1. Do you have access to the system? Administrator or root user? OR
                        2. Do you have a OS user that is member of the group DBA?
                        3. What is the parameter remote_login_passwordfile?

                        We can go step by step for this once you tell us What steps you have followed?
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                          Go to the server, in windows log in with an account in the ora_dba group, in unix log on with the oracle account.

                          Then log on to Oracle with / as sysdba. You can then alter user the sys and system accounts.

                          If you are using an older version of oracle that still has svrmgrl you can start svrmgrl and connect as internal.