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    How to do auto URL redirect in sun web server ?

      Hi, i need to do auto url redirect in my sun web server. Currently i'm setup some rules for the reverse proxy in obj.conf file and the syntax looks like:

      <Object name="reverse-proxy-/test">
      <If $internal and $uri =~ "index.html">
      NameTrans fn="redirect" from="/" uri="/examples/abc.html"
      Route fn="set-origin-server" server="http://localhost:8989"

      The situation is:

      1) When users browse "*http://localhost/examples/abc.html*" it will redirect to abc.html
      2) When users browse "*http://localhost/test*" it will redirect to the localhost admin GUI (http://localhost:8989/admingui/admingui/serverTaskGeneral)

      My desire output should be whenever users browse the "*http://localhost/test*" , it will redirect to abc.html page.
      the syntax might be wrong. So, anyone knows how to fix this? I'm keep trying but nothing worked. Please help me.