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    When is the page scanner woken up inside zones?

      I'm using capped-memory for my zones, something like this:
      physical: 500M
      [swap: 1G]
      [locked: 300M]

      Because each zone has different settings I assumed each zone has different lotsfree, freemem and physmem values.
      But kstat shows the same values for all zones, including the global zone:
      [root@zone1] $ kstat -p 'unix::system_pages:lotsfree'
      unix:0:system_pages:lotsfree    2526
      [root@zone1] $ kstat -p 'unix::system_pages:freemem'
      unix:0:system_pages:freemem     41987
      [root@global] # kstat -p 'unix::system_pages:lotsfree'
      unix:0:system_pages:lotsfree    2526
      [root@global] # kstat -p 'unix::system_pages:freemem'
      unix:0:system_pages:freemem     41984
      If I start lots of applications inside a zone then freemem drops everywhere, in all zones and including in the global zone.
      When freemem drops bellow lotsfree will the page scanner wake up in all zones and start to swap pages out?

      By default lotsfree is 1/64 of the total physical memory. On a machine with 16GB lotsfree is 256MB. Inside a zone lotsfree is also 256MB. Isn't that too high?
      I mean is it ok if the page scanner starts scanning when half of the memory is allocated and one half is still free?

      I'm quite confused, maybe I'm missing something. Is the paging mechanism different for zones?
      I'd appreciate if someone could throw some light here.