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    using dtrace to monitor (change-in) zone status...

      hi everyone,

      If I have a server with say 10 zones on it, I'd like to have some sort of log file (in the global) that can be used to monitor the status of zones, more particularly... any zone "change-of-status".

      Constantly looping a "zoneadm list -cp" with some grep magic doesn't seem the right thing to do here, since its (1) ugly, and (2) prone to missing a temporary change/state.

      Read something that vaguely hinted at using some global-zone dtrace functionality..... specifically

      fbt:genunix:zone_boot:entry {  xxxxx }

      It certainly seems to "trigger" when "a" zone (any zone) reboots... but I don't know enough about Dtrace (and the fbt provider... who is somewhat "shy") to turn this into something usefull.... basically the "entry" piece triggers, but which zone did it, and what state-change happened is well beyond my current dtrace capability and understanding.

      who knows I may not even be on the right track here....

      As I mentioned earlier what I'm looking for is something that triggers on a "change-of-status" for a zone, and logs some information surrounding that event......

      Given the current status of tools etc. is the DTRACE method (and specifically the fbt:genunix/zones provider) my best bet?

      many thanks,

      -- MikeE