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    Create User equivalent to root


      I need to create a user which has equivalent privileges as that of root. Is it possible?

      e.g. /dump has the permissions as:
      d--------- 102 root root 9728 May 26 17:08 dump

      i have 2 users: root and test. dump has access to nobody. But still "root" can login to it but "test" can't. Why is it so?
      If i can make "test" as powerful as "root"?
      I am using Solaris9 and I have tried to use RBAC by assigning all available profiles and all available authrizations to user "test" but still "test" can't do on filesystem what root can do.

      Any help will be appreciated.
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          root has access to anything (in part, so user screw-ups can be dealt with).
          why would you want to give that level of access to any other user?

          check this thread for further explanation (it's linux but the logic is the same)