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    sunsolve.sun.com documents

      Hi All,

      Nice easy question for the first to respond I'm sure!

      I am reading a HP document at the moment that references some documents by SUN.

      The following outtake is from the HP doc:

      For Solaris 8 & 9 and Fibre Channel Adapters (FCAs) from Sun or QLogic:
      If the OS has been installed before adding QLogic based FCAs, you may need to install SUNWqlc
      and SUNWqlcx first. See http://sunsolve.sun.com (and select Document id 74507) for further details.

      Now call be stupid but I cannot see anything obvious on Sunsolve that allows me to search or browse for document id 74507.

      It could be tiredness, it could be a case of a web page that is too busy with links for me to find what I require...the choice is yours...

      But if anyone knows how I can locate documents on sunsolve by ID then please let me know!