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    scsi disks  v440 prtdiag solaris 8

      I have a v440 with 4 drives (0,1,2,3). Today I had scsi errors/warnings throughout the night and replaced disk 1 and the problems stopped. I was looking at prtdiag I see the section for hard drives show "off" for state. If there was a problem, will the state change? Today this did not show a problem.

      Led State:
      Location Led State Color
      SYS ACT on green
      SYS SERVICE off amber
      SYS LOCATE off white
      PS0 POK on green
      PS0 SERVICE off amber
      PS0 OK2RM off blue
      PS0 STBY on green
      PS1 POK on green
      PS1 SERVICE off amber
      PS1 OK2RM off blue
      PS1 STBY on green
      HDD0 SERVICE off amber
      HDD0 OK2RM off blue
      HDD1 SERVICE off amber
      HDD1 OK2RM off blue
      HDD2 SERVICE off amber
      HDD2 OK2RM off blue
      HDD3 SERVICE off amber
      HDD3 OK2RM off blue


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          Well, it just displays the status of the LED's which you have on the devices. For example your harddrive have three LEDs, the power LED (green), the fault LED (amber) and the 'ok to remove me' LED (which is blue).

          Your prtdiag tells you that the power-led is on, but the other leds are off. This is the default state of the leds for a disk which is operational.

          You should get worried if the 'amber' LEDs would be set to 'on', since that would indicate a failure..