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    bash issue on solaris 8 ( Segmentation fault for non root users)


      This is solaris 8 on sparc and a NFS file server for the NIS+ environment. As supposed to be this file server is nis+ client.

      Now this issue happens only sometimes and goes away on its own but it did not this time.

      I connect to file server using ssh, system closes my session,

      this is ssh -vvv log , copied here :
      Please note that my shell is /bin/bash. It worked 99% time but not now, nothing is changed on system.

      If I ssh root@fileserver then ssh connection works fine. root can also run bash command. and run other commands in bash

      For a normal user with csh if the user tries "bash" , then gets

      user@fileserver%> bash
      Segmentation Fault

      I am thinking this is somewhere related to rpc but I do not see any errors on nis+ server nor on fileserver.
      %>truss bash o/p is here :
      Please let me know what is this issue related to. If by stopping/restarting a process helps that would be great.

      one more thing to note is, other nis+ clients can mount shares from this fileserver properly and authentication also works fine on them even for users with /bin/bash shell and bash does work manually also.

      If you need any other info, please let me know

      Please help!