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    SunOne 6.1 HTTP4044 error

      when using 3rd party program to upload files to app server, files over a certain size generate the following error in the web server error log:

      [05/Jan/2005:13:17:32] failure ( 3826): for host 10.xxx.xx.xx trying to POST /cgi-bin/cp_upload.exe, cgi_scan_headers reports: HTTP4044: the CGI program /usr/iplanet/servers/docs/cgi-bin/cp_upload.exe did not produce a valid header (read failed, error is IO timeout error)

      I tried setting the HTTP Persistent Connection Timeout to 900 seconds (15 minutes) and setting CGIExpirationTimeout in magnus.conf to 900 seconds, but the uploads are still receiving the timeout errors after approx 10 minutes.

      Anyone have experience with this?

      Thanks for any replies in advance - Gregg[