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    Redirecting console to ELOM port  with N1 System Manager

      I have a set of X2200s that I need to provision the Solaris 10 u4 ga X86. The management server that I have configured is also an X2200. N1 Management Server 1.3.3 was installed and configured. All network cabling were checked. I have 2 networks - a management network and a data/provisioning network. I am through to the point of discovering all the servers and loading the OS profile. To test the set up I am trying on one managed server using the command

      N1-ok> load server z21 osprofile s10-noagent networktype=static console=ttyb consolebaud=115200

      Upon execution I see the dhcp server is contacted and on opening the serial console I see the flash message from grub about the new install. Upon hitting the <return> key, I get a series of dots at first and thereafter the console just dumps lots of ??????????? marks and nothing else. I am sure there must be some mismatch about the baud settings. I have done a successful PXE install using JET on the same server using the baud rate settings and tty as above. Somehow N1 seems to think differently. Am I missing something here?
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          I would try it just with default settings(not specifying console* params), or figuring out proper settings according to appropriate ELOM guide (search docs.sun.com)

          If I understand the jumpstart properly the console has no big impact on provisioning, only on what YOU see. Provisioning will still go through (if no problems), so console is good mainly for troubleshooting.

          For majority of servers N1SM defaults to ttya and 9600, but ...
          Checking ELOM guides is probably the best path here.

          xing the fingers