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    N1SM questions


      Recently I had setup N1SM for provisioning in our lab and facing couple of issues with it.

      1. When I try to list osprofiles it fails with the following error message [I have 50+ profiles]

      # n1sh show osprofile
      Operation failed.

      However I am able to create new profiles. Restarting n1sm/host didn't help.

      2. At present I am forced to create separate OS profiles for each and every model of systems because the HDD device names vary for each type of system. With Solaris Jumpstart I can give the value as "Any" to "filesys" parameter instead of specifying the actual disk device number. Is it possible with SM too?

      3. I am having issues with discovering systems which do not have network management port. For manual discovery I think we need provide some XML file as input. Could you please forward me sample input file for manual discovery [say for a E420R]. The following link talks about manual discovery but most of the older model servers like E420R / V880 / v65x / v60x / lx50 are not listed there. Does it mean manual discovery for these servers are not supported? Can we not use SM to provision these servers? What about 3rd party x86 installation [HP proliant and Dell poweredge series to name a few]

      Any pointers on resolving these would be of great help.

      Thank you!
      Karthik S S
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          on 1.
          most probably SCS database is off ... try to start it

          on 2. I think yes, try:
          rootdisk.s0 for /
          rootdisk.s1 for swap

          on 3. choose a similar arch & type ... the model name is used to figure out arch for jumpstart, so e.g. if you have sun4v choose T1000 ... naturally for x86 choose an x86 one ;)