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    Comparison gives error / not show differences for File Protection

      We tried to verify on our MS (Version 6.0.2) with comparison two Installations with:
      "Comparison Style:      install to install"
      "Level of Detail:      directory and file properties"

      (as you can choose in the UI)

      1) Seems that he don't catch file protection (which are different from one Installation to the other, we tried this with a very simple comparison run with only two files to compare .....)

      2) A comparison on a Installation with a lot of Files to compare (BEA-Weblogic Installation) it gives following Error Messages:
      A comparison failed because Unable to complete the install to install comparison under path "/opt/bea/wlserver923/weblogic92/server/bin/international"|Ensure that you have read permission on the directory and try again. (600094) on 10/31/08 1:42:11 PM MET. The comparison used settings: wls-9.2.3-1.
      But this Directory got the following protection on reference and comparison host:
      [n1sps@usv0412 ~]$ ls -ld /opt/bea/wlserver923/weblogic92/server/bin/international
      drwxr-xr-x 2 wlsadmin wls 4096 Oct 31 12:42 /opt/bea/wlserver923/weblogic92/server/bin/international

      What could be wrong?
      Does anybody use this comparison “Install to Install” ?

      Regards, Hanspeter

      PS: I've got documented this comparison more exactly in a Word-Doc. But unfortunately there’s no possibility to attach this to the forum.

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