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    How to get component resource version

      Hi experts,

      how can i get all available resource version of a component ?


      - I check in a new system#file component to SPS.
      - After that i check out the component xml with netbeans modeler
      - Then an modifiy the component (e.g add execNative step)
      - Somebody updates the resource ("check in current") - "ups"
      - Netbeans does not get this change directly
      - resource version is still 1.0
      (- I have to check out the xml again from SPS with netbeans)
      - Then resource version is 1.1 OK

      I testet SPS cli, but did not get any information with avaliable cdb.c.* or cdb.rsrc.* ...


      SPS GUI shows version only with "Advanced edit" action

      Can i get the latest or all available resource versions for a system#file component ?

      Thank for your help !

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          Using cdb.c.co I'm able to see what version of a resource each version of a component references. But that's all.
          $ ./cr_cli -cmd cdb.c.lv -u admin -p admin -comp NM:/passwd
          |ID                                           |Name           |Version|Label     |
          |129156208253-1249548491203-00197-1889368159  |/passwd        |1.1  |          |
          |129156208253-1247674381347-00471-1364565098  |/passwd        |1.0  |          |
          $ ./cr_cli -cmd cdb.c.co -u admin -p admin -comp 129156208253-1249548491203-00197-1889368159
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <!-- generated by N1 SPS -->
          <component xmlns:xsi='http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' name='passwd' version='6.0.4' xsi:schemaLocation='http://www.sun.com/schema/SPS component.xsd' xmlns='http://www.sun.com/schema/SPS'>
                          <type name='system#file'></type>
                          <var name='installName' default='group'></var>
                          <resource name='/passwd' version='1.1'></resource>