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    Problem with 6.0.4 hdb.h.mod egID

      I've tried to set the "execution group" on Host as described in

      The following is executed as "admin"
      cr_cli -cmd hdb.h.mod -ID NM:usv0703 egID NM:"EWAE-Installer" exp:$HOME/.n1sps
      --> and this terminate with:
      Group EWAE-Installer (ID - 159029253101-1246889248812-13309-0432564402) does not have permission to create, edit, delete host objects. Unable to set it as owner. (015202)

      (Unable to set it as Owner?!? I won't set the Owner, the Parameter "egID" means "executor group" not the Owner...)

      Setup this via UI works without any Problem.

      Any Idea?