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    Plans for upgrade?

      Hello all,

      I am updating several of our components, now i want to implement a check if they are installed, if so and the version is not the latest remove current and install latest and if not installed at all just install latest.

      Is there any good way to do this without having lots of nested try/catch with dependency checks, it get a but ugly with the current idea i have.

      It could first test if the component is installed, then another test if it is the latest version, if not uninstall. After that i could have a separate check to see if the component is installed if not install. The later would be hit if it is a new install and if we removed the component in the previous step.

      Any thoughts on good practice regarding upgrade of components?

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          Hello Henrik,

          I would address your problem slightly different: Instead of writing a plan to do all necessary update checks etc., I would integrate all necessary update steps in the component itself. If you do that, you can easily install the component over all installed hosts and let the component itself figure out what it should do.

          Do you know what I mean? Have you thought about that already?


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            Hello Michael,

            Thanks for the replay, sorry for my late reply i have been occupied with other issues.

            I understand, that might be a simpler solution. Do you solve this with dependency checks in the XML-code or do you let the components them self determine if it should be a new install or an upgrade?