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    OS Provisioning Error

      When attempting to provision a Solaris ALOM target, the install:provision_start plan fails. I am running SPS 6.0.2 masterserver and the remote agent has been upgraded/prepared. The OSP plugin is from ga2 release.

      I modified the n1osp_deploy_sps_wrapper.sh to include print out ksh -x debugging. It appears as though it is not writing the pid file and directory in /var/opt/n1sps.

      Is there something I am missing?

      Here are the error logs:

      Plan Failure
      Error:The plan (or preflight) "/system/autogen/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard-inst-provision_start-1209588353540" finished with 1 failed host(s). (017034)
      The execNative step failed because the exit status "2" of the command did not match "0" for the command 
      /opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy /opt/SUNWn1osp/hosts/v240_p1 /opt/SUNWn1osp/profiles/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1 
      /opt/SUNWn1osp/subnets /var/run/n1osp log/v240_p1-provision.log console/v240_p1-provision.console pid/v240_p1-provision.pid true". (017068)
      Executing command /opt/SUNWn1sps/N1_Service_Provisioning_System/agent/data/systemcomps/com.sun.n1osp/n1osp_util/n1osp_deploy_sps_wrapper.sh /opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy /opt/SUNWn1osp/hosts/v240_p1 /opt/SUNWn1osp/profiles/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1 /opt/SUNWn1osp/subnets /var/run/n1osp log/v240_p1-provision.log console/v240_p1-provision.console pid/v240_p1-provision.pid true
      Making copies of files in /var/run/n1osp/5240
      Clearing stale log and console files (if any)
      Executing command in foreground /opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy -v -f /var/run/n1osp/5240 < /dev/null 2>&1
      Usage: n1osp_deploy -h <hostfile1:hostfile2:...> -o <osprofilefile> -s <subnetdir> [-v]
      or     n1osp_deploy -f <provisioning files> [-v]
      or     n1osp_deploy -H
        -h  {h}ost description in xml
        -o  {o}s profile description in xml
        -s  directory containing {s}ubnet description(s) in xml
        -f  provisioning {f}iles (directory path)
        -v  {v}erbose console output
        -H  {H}elp and displays usage
      By default, n1osp_deploy shall delete the files being passed as input if the verbose option is not specified and the operation is successfully completed.

      2> /dev/null
      + echo Executing command /opt/SUNWn1sps/N1_Service_Provisioning_System/agent/data/systemcomps/com.sun.n1osp/n1osp_util/n1osp_deploy_sps_wrapper.sh /opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy /opt/SUNWn1osp/hosts/v240_p1 /opt/SUNWn1osp/profiles/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1 /opt/SUNWn1osp/subnets /var/run/n1osp log/v240_p1-provision.log console/v240_p1-provision.console pid/v240_p1-provision.pid true
      + [ 9 -ne 8 -a 9 -ne 9 ]
      + umask 022
      + CP_CMD=cp
      + BASENAME_CMD=basename
      + DIRNAME_CMD=dirname
      + MKDIR_CMD=mkdir
      + RM_CMD=rm
      + TOUCH_CMD=touch
      + SORT_CMD=sort
      + GREP_CMD=grep
      + TR=env LC_ALL=C LANG=C /usr/bin/tr
      + N1OSP_DEPLOY_JAVA_CMD=com.sun.n1.isp.osservice.provision.PluginProxy
      + [  = SunOS ]
      + PS_UCB_CMD=ps
      + N1OSP_DEPLOY_CMD=/opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy
      + HOST_XML=/opt/SUNWn1osp/hosts/v240_p1
      + PROFILE_XML=/opt/SUNWn1osp/profiles/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1
      + SUBNET_DIRECTORY=/opt/SUNWn1osp/subnets
      + DEPLOY_DIRECTORY=/var/run/n1osp
      + TMP_DIR=/var/run/n1osp/5240
      + LOG_FILE=/var/run/n1osp/log/v240_p1-provision.log
      + CONSOLE_FILE=/var/run/n1osp/console/v240_p1-provision.console
      + PID_FILE=/var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid
      + [ 9 -eq 9 ]
      + FOREGROUND_FLAG=true
      + + env LC_ALL=C LANG=C /usr/bin/tr [:lower:] [:upper:]
      + echo true
      + TMP_PID_FILE=/var/run/n1osp/5240/pid
      + trap terminate 15
      + sort -u /var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid
      sort: can't stat /var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid: No such file or directory
      + + basename /opt/SUNWn1osp/hosts/v240_p1
      + + basename /opt/SUNWn1osp/profiles/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1
      + rm -f /var/run/n1osp/5240/*
      + mkdir -p /var/run/n1osp/5240
      + dirname /var/run/n1osp/log/v240_p1-provision.log
      + mkdir -p /var/run/n1osp/log
      + dirname /var/run/n1osp/console/v240_p1-provision.console
      + mkdir -p /var/run/n1osp/console
      + dirname /var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid
      + mkdir -p /var/run/n1osp/pid
      + echo Making copies of files in /var/run/n1osp/5240
      + cp /opt/SUNWn1osp/hosts/v240_p1 /var/run/n1osp/5240/v240_p1
      + cp /opt/SUNWn1osp/profiles/Solaris10_807_sparc.standard/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1 /var/run/n1osp/5240/x4100_p1-jet.v240_p1
      + cp -f /opt/SUNWn1osp/subnets/ /var/run/n1osp/5240
      + echo Clearing stale log and console files (if any)
      + rm -f /var/run/n1osp/log/v240_p1-provision.log
      + rm -f /var/run/n1osp/console/v240_p1-provision.console
      + rm -f /var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid
      + touch /var/run/n1osp/console/v240_p1-provision.console
      + touch /var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid
      + [ TRUE == TRUE ]
      + echo Executing command in foreground /opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy -v -f /var/run/n1osp/5240 < /dev/null 2>&1
      + CPID=5263
      + echo 5263
      + 1> /var/run/n1osp/5240/pid
      + wait 5263
      + /opt/SUNWn1osp/sbin/n1osp_deploy -v -f /var/run/n1osp/5240
      + 0< /dev/null 2>& 1
      + status=2
      + rm -f /var/run/n1osp/pid/v240_p1-provision.pid
      + exit 2
        • 1. Re: OS Provisioning Error
          I had a similar issue... and the problem was in the subnet component. The gateway field for the variable set was empty (my provision network didn't have a gateway), the net component creation didn't complain about the empty field and later I got the provisioning error.

          As I didn't want to specify a gateway which didn't exist, I ended specifying the same IP as the host in the variable set. It worked just fine.

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