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    Cannot detach container


      I have migrated a Global zone and all it's local zones from N1SPS 5.0 to N1SPS 5.2.

      Now I want to delete the Global Zone from the 5.0 database as well as all supplementary Local Zones
      that were Attached. In the past, I just pick the Global Zone and run the Detach method (we want to keep the Zones just
      delete their N1SP entry and then delete the GZ entry).

      But I do not seem to be able to do this on the 5.0 server. The message I get is:
      The targetable component host cannot be uninstalled as it contains one or more installed components. (603013)
      So of course..... but how then can I detach the Zones? I guess I could "hide" them but that defeats the purpose.

      Does anyone have another way, such as via the command line or by going into postgres directly.

      We want to remove all references to the Global and Local Zones as they have now been moved to the 5.2 server.

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          Running detach also tries to delete the virtual host underneath, so if you have any components installed on the Zone entry, you need to uninstall those first or at least run markOnly uninstall before it can be deleted.

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            None of this is working for me at all.

            1) Zone was originally created by admin without N1SPS
            2) Zone was checked into N1SPS using "attach (mark only)
            3) Zone IP address was subsequently changed by admin

            Now we have the problem that N1SPS still holds the old IP address for the Zone
            and we can't do anything with it.

            I have tried Uninstall (mark only) and detach (mark only)

            But N1SPS complains it can no longer contact the agent - because the IP address has changed.

            So now I have a chicken & egg problem.

            I cannot attach the Zone because of the Old IP address
            but I cannot delete the entry for the Zone for the same reason.

            WHat I am hoping is that there is some wizard on here who knows the Postgres SQL side
            well enough to be able to delete the Zone via CLI or postgres commands and/or change the IP address to the correct one.

            Can anyone help me please? The Zone works fine, but we can't do N1SPS operations on it in this condition.

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              More info. I studied up the CLI guide and came across the mod option, apparently allowing the IP address of the RA to change.

              So I did the following with the annoying non-informative error:
              /opt/SUNWn1sps/N1_Service_Provisioning_System_5.2/cli/bin/cr_cli -cmd hdb.a.mod -ID NM:babbage:RA -ip -port 70000 -conn ssh -param "cprefix=/opt/SUNWn1sps/N1_Service_Provisioning_System/agent" -u myuser  -p whowantstoknow