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    Sun managment center Report manager problem

      Hi All,

      I have installed SUNMC 4.0. I am having difficulty with PRM.
      Data avalability table is showing status as collected and I am able to generate alarm summary report for all the host.
      But I am not able to make reports for each individual hosts.

      Help me on this ??
      Log is saying

      sunmc taskreq completed with status NOTARGET

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          Hi Srini,

          Are you using the default reports, or are you trying to make your own? Also, remember that SunMC thinks "kernel reader" and "kernel reader simple" modules are different... so even though they contain common numbers (i.e. 5 minute load average) you have to be sure to specify the correct module when you're making your graphs.

          Have you seem the PRM walkthrough here?

          Your best bet is to contact Oracle support to help get things working. If you're trying to get reports that PRM maybe can't create, you could also take a look at our [Enterprise Reporter|http://www.halcyoninc.com/products/EnterpriseReporter/index.php] (it can graph SunMC Agent numbers too).


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            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for reply.

            Still I am not able to get things right.
            Enterprise reporter installation must be done on client and server right ??
            Company polices would not allow to do it. So now I need to find a reason root cause.

            I am just trying to generate alarms report.. not CPU Load or anything difficult.

            Is there anything with default domain ??
            After upgrading from 3.6 to 4.0, I added hosts in different domain. That is instead of Default Domain.. Now I added them in INDIA domain ... ?

            This could be problem ??