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    SunMC 4.0 Server on x86 ?


      I found a post stating it is not possible to install the SunMC server on x86. This post is about 1 year old - is this still true for the new version 4.0?

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          One of the major enhancement in SunMC 4.0 is the added support of SunMC server on x86. You can now run it on an x86 box as if it is SPARC.

          Patrick Lui
          Halcyon Monitoring Solutions
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            ok, install possible - BUT
            you can't load any sparc-specific modules like ELP config reader, so when monitoring a sparc system, the config reader is missing in details window.

            AND - in the details window I miss the tabs 'View Logs', 'Applications', and 'Hardware' !
            no log viewer is bad, you can't look into the syslog

            Any ideas?
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              I just installed SunMC 4.0 on a x86 Server.

              The logviews, hardware and config Reader are all visible with my installation. Your discription sound's like the normal proplem that when SunMC doesn't recoginize the hardware type.

              I had two problems with the installtion that my help explain why it works now.
              1. I was force to use the same "sun_mc-4_0-ga.zip" instead of the make_agent.tar file that I created from the Server. The make agent script didn't work the way it should so I used the full tar file. That must have all the currents images.

              2. The 2nd isn't realy a problem with the installatio it's. I understood that 4.0 supported the ZFS File System. On my first look I can't find anything. Does anyone have a idea how to activat this module?

              Dan Stock
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                this topic is about running a smc 4.0 server on x86, not the client!
                "Sun Management Center 4.0 Release Notes --> Chapter 2 Runtime Issues --> Sun Management Center Bugs" :

                SPARC Objects in Java Console Connected to x86 Server Do Not Have Physical View (6621460)
                The hardware monitoring in the Sun MC 4.0 release consists of the Physical and Logical view feature. However, this feature is available only when the managed nodes are being monitored through a SPARC server. This feature is not available for SPARC managed nodes which are being monitored through an x86 server.

                Workaround: None.*
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                  Dear all,

                  Kindly advice about the server type i should use for my SM Center 4.0 deployment project which will be started very soon because i am really confuse now which to choose between the x86 and Sparc for the SMC Server installation.


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                    Hi Kaba,

                    You can use x86 or SPARC for your SunMC Server now. When 4.0 shipped the x86 version didn't initially come with all the files required to monitor hardware on SPARC, but Sun has since added them back in as a separate download: