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    ESX VM for solaris x64

      I am trying to create a solaris 64 inside an esx vm.
      I have the iso-dvd for the x64/x86; but when i finish install it shows i386 from isainfo.
      In that ESX host, i do have a windows server 2003 r2 enterprise x64 edition (which i believe confirms that the host is capable of 64bit).
      can you please tell me:
      a. when you are installing is there a way to make sure the OS installed is x64 or this is done automatically? should i change anything? i did copy the entire dvd for the iso reference on the cd/dvd selection under the esx install.
      the install goes to completion; however when it comes to boot, the only way to boot is through fail safe
      for the first option on boot is:
      solaris 10 - 11/06 s10x_w2wos_10 x86
      for some reason it automatically select the x86;
      can you help me identify what is going on?

      the host = ESX is a hp xw6600 workstation

      thank you,