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    Is excessive CPU consumption a known problem with SunMC 4.0 agent?

      I've been away from SunMC for several years, and have just reinstalled the 4.0 agent on several systems. While some seem to be running normally (within limits like those given in the installation guide), the "esd" process on some systems is consuming an entire CPU and hundreds of megabytes of RAM. The high-use systems tend to have a lot of disks but I can't say that it is always the case.

      I installed the package as downloaded, without any patches.
      I do not normally run anything unpatched (because everything has bugs), but I have not found any patches for 4.0 which fix bugs related to resource usage, just more ordinary functionality problems.

      Is there a relevant patch that you know of, or is it Standard Procedure to load all of the 4.0 patches before you even think about trying to use it?