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    error: unable to download document : "collection/default"

      Got the following error message when launched the Update Manager Client GUI:

      Error: Unable to download document : "collection/default" Cannot connect to retrieve collection/default: Internal Server Error.

      I have just installed Sun Update Manager Proxy server and Sun Update Manager Client software in two sun servers. I configured the client to get update from the Update Manager Proxy server. I haven't register the Proxy server yet.

      I have verified that Update Manager Proxy server is up and running by browsing the url of the Update Manager Proxy server.

      I wonder if the error is because the Proxy server has no updates yet or it is because it is not registered yet.
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          Furthermore: I also tried the following on the client:

          # smpatch analyze

          and got the following error message

          Failure: Cannot connect to retrieve detectors: Internal Server Error.

          A look in the /var/adm/messages shows the following:

          Caused by: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http://solaris0.sd.ny.frb.org:3816/solaris
          Jun 27 14:10:46 b1osdtsun05 root: [ID 702911 user.crit] => com.sun.patchpro.cli.PatchServices@fb56b1 <=null at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(HttpURLConnection.java:1133)
          Jun 27 14:10:46 b1osdtsun05 at com.sun.patchpro.util.Downloader.connectToURL(Downloader.java:358)
          Jun 27 14:10:46 b1osdtsun05 ... 15 more
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            The first thing to do is to register the proxy server. After that if there is still a problem please provide output of "smpatch get" and "smpatch analyze" from both client and server.
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              Ok please check the link getting failed:
              screen shot: http://i.imgur.com/GaTQB.jpg
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                Judging by the screenshot, it is from the LPS and the system has not been patched in quite some time. Ensure that the following patches are applied [SPARC | X86] :

                121118-16 | 121119-16      
                123005-07 | 123006-07
                123005-07 | 123006-07      
                119788-10 | 119789-10
                122231-01 | n/a

                Once this has been done, review the attached GuideToSWUP.txt document, this will provide with the details for correct configuration of the LPS and client systems.