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    Patch Solaris 8 systems


      Is there anyone that has successfully been able to patch Solaris 8 systems using this tool? If you have a guide I would be happy. I have tried a couple of times but failed even though I have installed required patches.

      Regards Jerry
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          Does anything show up in the agent logs directory? You may have missing packages, such as SUNWbash, SUNWswmt, and SUNWgzip which are often missing on Solaris 8 systems.

          If you are unable to find anything in the logs then I would advise opening a support case. Note that it is likely that we will ask you to collect information from the system using the [GDD script|http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/scripts/sunScripts/SUN-GDD_sun-connection-collect_noarch.tar.gz] . It would be worthwhile if you could collect the information whilst attempting to run a job against the system.

          Run the script on the agent:
          # ./SUN-GDD_SunConnection.sh -debugAgent -auto 1800 -o /var/tmp
          This will enable debug-level logging on the agent and automatically collect the logs after 30 minutes - you may wish to adjust the time to suit.