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    Patch dependency

      Patch dependency

      Here is my problem. We use Sun Connection for path deployment
      This works fine! Recently I was asked to submit a report listing
      Which patch is dependent of which patch.
      It is possible to do this by going on sunsolv getting you patch
      In the readme and finding it’s dependencies.

      My question. Is there a tool out there that you can use to find
      The dependency tree of a patch. In other words if input patch
      xxxxxx-xx it is dependent on patch yyyyyy-yy which in turn
      is dependent on……..

      Is there such a tool?

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          I am not aware of such a tool to show the dependency tree.

          If what you need to do is find out which patches will be required by a particular system before applying a specific patch, you could run an analyze on the patch:

          # smpatch analyze -i <patch-id>

          This will return all of the patches required to apply the patch <patch-id>
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            Thank you for the reply

            And no to patch analyses. We already do this what i need is specifics
            On a large number of patches

            Patch 1 is dependent on patch 10 and 18 and 18 has x dependencies and so on and so on

            And pleas believe me I know that what I’m asking for is ridiculous. But I
            Have no choice in asking it. &#61516;
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              I once developed a patching script which did this analysis using the patchdiag.xref file from SunSolve (which includes all the metadata about what depends on what) and made use of the 'lorder' utility to sequence the dependencies in order to get the patches applied in the right order.
              It's not hard, but it's not a few minutes' work either.

              You might be able to get the author of the excellent PCA patch tool ( http://www.par.univie.ac.at/solaris/pca/intro.html ) to add an option to PCA for reporting this kind of information, since it already has the dependency information available.
              Make a donation and ask nicely - you never know if that will help, and he deserves money for PCA, in my opinion.
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                Thank you for the replies

                I will do just that find the writher of pca and ask for his assistance following a
                Donations of course

                And thank you again especially for not asking if all my neurons were firing
                In proper order. I maybe a good sysadmin but I’m not the boss ( accountant )

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                  Also note that the [patchfinder utility|http://sunsolve.sun.com/patchfinder/|patchfinder utlity] now lets you put a bunch of patches in the basket and then lists the dependencies of each patch underneath them in the basket.

                  It will also let you either download just the patches in the basket, or alternatively all the dependencies as well.
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                    You'll be happy to hear that PCA already does what you want. Try:

                    $ wget http://www.par.univie.ac.at/solaris/pca/stable/pca
                    $ chmod +x pca
                    $ ./pca -l 144488
                    Patch IR CR RSB Age Synopsis
                    --- -- -- - -- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --
                    142911 -- < 01 R-- 129 SunOS 5.10: Place Holder patch
                    142933 -- < 02 R-- 129 SunOS 5.10: failsafe patch
                    142909 -- < 17 RS- 129 SunOS 5.10: kernel patch
                    144488 -- < 06 RS- 25 SunOS 5.10: kernel patch

                    It lists the specified patch and all its requirements (recursively) in the correct order. Of couse it can also download and install the patches - you need to specify your MOS account for that. See the docs (e.g. pca --man).

                    One caveat: Oracle includes information about the most current release of each patch. So it's not possible to list e.g. the requirements of 144488-05, simply because PCA doesn't have the necessary data. Usually that's not a problem, as you deal with the most recent revision of a patch anyway.

                    Martin (author of PCA).

                    P.S.: As for the donation, look at http://www.par.univie.ac.at/solaris/pca/donation.html :-)