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    IPM BETA SITES: How to Submit Feedback, Bugs and FREs

      Greetings: Thank you for signing up as an IPM Beta Site. Your direct experience and feedback with the IPM Service will help us improve our service offering.

      To help improve our responsiveness to your queries, we have set up the process below to track beta customer feedback, issues, bugs, and RFEs.

      To initiate this process, please do the one of the following:

      [1] For issues, bugs, and RFE's;

      * Login to Servicedesk at http://servicedesk.central
      * Select Report a problem > Software Applications > IPM (Beta and Pilot ONLY)
      * Submit issue

      [2] For feedback or general questions, please send an email to ipm-beta-support@sun.com and someone will get back to you promptly.

      Thank you, IPM Team