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    SYSCALL lwp_cond_wait when using java


      I am trrying to understand an issue I have..
      I have a SUN server (T5240), I am runng a java application on it.

      The thing is the machine has a very high cpu (usr)..
      I have used a dtrace tool to check for any problems..

      I ran the erronfo tool, I got a very wierd output.
      It looks like the java process is failing...

      This is part of th output:

      tcsh exece 2 7 No such file or directory
      tcsh ioctl 25 7 Inappropriate ioctl for device
      awk stat64 2 12 No such file or directory
      xntpd sigsuspend 4 23 interrupted system call
      grep stat64 2 24 No such file or directory
      tcsh close 9 30 Bad file number
      java lwp_cond_wait 62 1255 timer expired

      I get 1255 timer expired events for the java process..
      What does that mean?? Who Can I countinue with the troubleshooting??