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    Need help in implementing  driver IOCTL for loopback test

      Hi folks,
      I am new new to SOLAIRS and I am working on an assignment part of which involves the NIC driver ioctl implementation for loopback tests.So could anyone help me out to do that?in the driver I know that I have to configure the adapter for loopback,do the loopback test(send and recv pkts) and clear the loop back configuraton.But the main problem is how to go about the implementation of loop back changes so that it sends and receives the frames.Should I have to detach and then attach the device and then do it?I am new to the solaris but have idea of NIC drivers.Any help on this would greatly be appreciated since I am stuck with this which is blocking from my other works.If possible could anyone gimme specific services which should be used for this?Should I used stop and then start and configure the rcv/tx and do it OR should I do detach/attach and then do it?