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    Export Functions from an LKM to a Driver

      I haven't found a way for Solaris to do this yet, but I need to be able to have a loadable kernel module that exports functions that can be called directly from another driver. I have successfully done the same thing in Windows (where the LKM is called an EXPORT_DRIVER) and in Mac OS X and AIX (using a KEXT).

      I think the missing piece is mapping the two modules with each other at link-edit time and load time. I have to believe this is possible in Solaris, does anybody have any suggestions?

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          No one answered this query, but I figured it out and thought I'd mention what I did in case anyone else has this question later on. I had to do the following:

          1) For the loadable module, wrap it with the structures for a "misc" module (.e.g. use "struct modlmisc"), complete with the init, fini, and _info device entry points.

          2) In the driver that calls code from the loadable modules, add the following global variable:

          char dependson[] = "misc/XXX";

          where XXX is the name of your module file, and "misc" is the path from "/kernel".

          3) Compile everything, put the loadable module's file in the right place on the target host (in this case "/kernel/misc" or "/kernel/misc/sparcv9").

          When the main driver is installed, it will cause the loadable module to be automatically loaded, too, making all its functions available to the main driver.