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    attach is not called

      I made device driver for PCI express card, and tried to install
      on SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Solaris10).

      I compiled mydrv by following command.
      # cc -c -xO2 -m64 mydrv.c
      # ld -r -o mydrv mydrv.o
      I copied mydrv to /usr/kernel/drv/sparcv9, and executed add_drv command as follows.
      # add_drv -v -m"* 0666 root root" -i'"pciVVV,DDDD"' mydrv
      exit status = 0
      devfsadm: driver failed to attach: jjy
      exit status = 1
      Warning: Driver (mydrv) successfully added to system but failed to attach
      Driver (mydrv) installed.

      But my attach function never called by system.
      (I made sure this, by cmn_err function.)

      Same driver is working well with ultra24(X86).

      Should I set anything?
      Please help me.
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          Attach function was called successfully on T5220.
          I changed configuration data as follows.
          Class code: 5 --> 7
          And then, device identification name displayed by prtconf changed as follows.
          "memory" --> "pciexVVVV,DDDD"

          I executed add_drv command with option -i'"pciexVVVV,DDDD"', not "pciVVVV,DDDD".
          Now driver is working well.