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Keyboard-Problem with Solaris 10 and VMware on Thinkpad Laptop

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I've installed my Solaris-Test-Environement on my Laptop in a Virtual Machine. The relevant Informations are as followed :

Hardware : Thinkpad T500
OS : Windows XP SP3

VMWare-Server : Infrastrukture Web Access Version 2.0.0 128374
Server Build Version 2.0.2 203138

Solaris 10/10/9

Installation : on both Side : German Language / German Settings / German Keyboard Settings

The actual Problem is, that the keyboard will not funktion in the way as i expected. Neither the "#" nor the "@" or the or any other of the special keys will be shown when they are hit in a Window. Any Trial with US- Keyboard-Settings has the same effect.
In a Terminal, the Special-Key could be found by "Try and error" at Special Locations ( AltGR+2= @ / AltGr+3= # / AltGR+4 = ^ / and so on )

May someon can help me

Thanks in advance

btw. It was not in my Interest to hijack any thread of anyone; my thougt was, that it could be in the same context and that it was not neccesary to open a new thread. Please accept my apologies.