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    migration of old code in solaris 10 + oracle 10 environment

      While compiling old pro c code on solaris 10 and oracle 10 environment , I am getting below error. Any guesses why this is happening?

      Pro*C/C++: Release - Production on Mon Oct 15 14:02:07 2007

      Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

      System default option values taken from: /dboracle/orabase/product/10.2.0/precomp/admin/pcscfg.cfg

      Syntax error at line 69, column 2, file /usr/include/sys/uio.h:
      Error at line 69, column 2 in file /usr/include/sys/uio.h
      lloff_t uiooffset; /* file offset */
      PCC-S-02201, Encountered the symbol "lloff_t" when expecting one of the followin

      } char, const, double, enum, float, int, long, ulong_varchar,
      OCIBFileLocator OCIBlobLocator, OCIClobLocator, OCIDateTime,
      OCIExtProcContext, OCIInterval, OCIRowid, OCIDate, OCINumber,
      OCIRaw, OCIString, short, signed, sql_context, sql_cursor,
      struct, union, unsigned, utext, uvarchar, varchar, void,
      volatile, a typedef name,
      The symbol "enum," was substituted for "lloff_t" to continue.