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    Too many search results

      While using the search utility of SunOne server too many search results are being shown and it is preventing to view any of the obects.

      I have tried updating - {font:'Calibri','sans-serif'}{size:11pt}'nsslapd-sizelimit' parameter in the file {size}{font}{font:'Calibri','sans-serif'}{size:11pt}'dse.ldif'. The problem is that when I restart the service the parameter is being set to its old value.

      I have following questions:

      1. How to {size}{font}{font:'Calibri','sans-serif'}{size:11pt}increase the limit to view all the search results{size}{font}{font:'Calibri','sans-serif'}{size:11pt}.
      2. How to modify the parameter - {size}{font}{font:'Calibri','sans-serif'}{size:11pt}'nsslapd-sizelimit' in the file '{size}{font}{font:'Calibri','sans-serif'}{size:11pt}dse.ldif' and keep it permanent.
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          Shut down the ldap server then make the change and start it back up. The DSE.ldif is kept in memory and written back to the file when the server shuts down. So making the change and then restarting it would always get the old value.