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    Locking a particular user search in corporate directory

      I would like to block people in the organization from searching the email address for uid:selina. I have prepared ACI on it. It manage to block people to search her email address in corporate directory. But, the problem now is, when people cannot search her email, they also not able to send email to her. As for selina, she able to send email to other people but she cannot send email back to herself too. May I know whether there is any wrong with my rules?

      (targetattr = "givenname || cn || sn || telephonenumber || mail || userpassword") (target="ldap:///uid=selina,ou=People,o=abc.com,dc=abc,dc=com") (version 3.0;acl "trial";deny(search) userdn!="ldap:///uid=selina,ou=People,o=abc.com,dc=abc,dc=com" ;)

      Please help.... thanks