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    Problem with Saml2 assertion refreshing!


      i have some problems with my deployment of Opensso as an Identity provider and an OpenDS as a user store. Here is my problem :
      When i try to access a protected resource, all the saml 2 workflow is well done and i finally retrieve a SAML 2 assertion in my protected resource with an attribute statement . But When i change a user attribute in my OpenDS and i relaunch all the saml2 workflow i retrieve the old attribute statement and not a new one including the OpenDS changes.
      First of all, i've tought that it was a caching system that was configured for Saml2 assertions or attribute statements. But i've tried to reduce the period of all the caching systems provided by the Opensso console (caching system of the user store & caching system for the SAML2 service) but it changes nothing...

      Do you have some solutions to make a quick refresh of the saml2 assertions if an LDAP modification occurs? like a caching configuration making a quick refresh,...

      Thank you