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    J2EE Agent - am.filter.j_username and am.filter.j_password not populated ?

      J2EE Agent 2.2 is protecting a COTS app that supports only web declarative security. I have instructed the agent to allow the form login request to proceed to the actual form login page. By configuring the AMAgent.properties-

      com.sun.identity.agents.config.login.form[0] = /login.jsp
      com.sun.identity.agents.config.login.use.internal = false

      In the COTS app, when I try to retrieve am.filter.j_username and am.filter.j_password in login.jsp, the response is "NULL". Looks like values is not being passed.

      Below is the lines used to puul the info -

      String user = (String) request.getAttribute("am.filter.j_username");
      String password = (String) request.getAttribute("am.filter.j_password");

      What am i missing? Bottom line I need am.filter.j_username and am.filter.j_password populated.