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    Quick Application Builder - Quick Application Builder Released

      DatawareStudio.com is proud to announce the immediate availability of

      Quick Application Suite and Quick Application Builder.

      Developed by DotSolutions s.r.l, QaS and QaB dramatically simplify the process of
      creating and maintaining a web-based complex application for every day usage.
      Their's unique features make Quick Application family the fastest web application
      development tools on earth.

      Tested with most widley used portals and database servers, both open source and
      commercial, they allow web developers to build a complete application, comprehensive of
      strong data entry controls and impressive reports in a bunch of minutes.

      You can combine them with leading Data Warehousing technology like Pentaho, SpagoBI or
      JasperIntelligence to add exclusive data entry characteristic to your dashboard.
      Their tide integration with Pentaho Data Integration (previosly known as Kettle) allows
      power users to add complex back end control logic every time is needed.
      Or you can use them alone, just a WebPortal like Liferay, Jahia, Jboss Portal,
      ExoPlatform, Jetspeed, to create all the applications your society requires.

      And all can be done without writing a single line of html/java/jsp/php/asp code, thank's
      to a flexible user interface and standard sql syntax.

      You can download Quick Application Builder community Edition for MySQL and PostgreSql at this URL: