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    About requestBaseURI

      Hi all,

      As I checked portal secure remote doc., it show that for the rewrite URL, it will get the baseURI to construct the new URL. But my problem is that, my application have javascript put under "lib/javascript" folder, and the gateway treat that "lib/javascript" as base URI, so that the rewrite gateway will be like that "https://gatewayhost/http://webserverhost/lib/javascript/targetpage", are there any solution can solve it.

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          I don't understand you problem. The goal of the rewriting is to prefix website urls with the address of the gateway.

          So if original url is http://webserverhost/lib/javascript/targetpage, it's normal that the rewrited url looks like https://gatewayhost/http://webserverhost/lib/javascript/targetpage.

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            Sorry, maybe I write more details. The original URL is like that


            And this page, will have some javascript to redirect it to "targetPage". The javascript are included in the original page and the location is under "lib/javascript" which is not the same directory as original page, so that the structure will be like that:

            root directory: originalPage, targetPage
            root directory/lib/javascript: js page

            If the portal rewrite correctly, it should be "https://gatewayhost/http://webserverhost/targetpage", but now it become "https://gatewayhost/http://webserverhost/lib/javascript/targetpage"

            Do you have any idea about it, or if you need, i can post my program