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    About javascript url

      Hi all,

      I am successfully deploy the portal (version 7.0), and now i am facing some problems, actually, i am usuing the gateway, so that it is rewrite all other pages, and i have one system connect to the portal, and that system have one javascript function call "openWindow", if i click throught that function using portal, the url will become like that:

      <gateway server name>/redirect/<application url>/lib/javascript/content_redirect.jsp?contentID=210

      but the correct url should be:

      <gateway server name>/<application url>/content_redirect.jsp?contentID=210

      I am already tried to modify the ruleset, but it seem not work, the rule set i modify should be:

      <Function name="openWindow" paramPatterns="y" type="URL"/>     

      It is the javascript function details:

      function openWindow( url )
      window.open(url,'_blank','scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes,height=560,width=760,resizable=yes,toolbar=yes,location=yes,status=yes, top=25, left=50');
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          Hi all,

          I just further study the error, and found that the javascript of portal "psSRAPRewriter_convert_expression" rewrite my url incorrectly.
          Since my content_redirect.jsp is put under root directory, and other javascript are put under "<root directory>"/lib/javascript/", and after throught the portal page, it treat <host path>/lib/javascript/ as root path, and I dont know how to correct the portal setting in order to get the correct rewrite url, is anyone have hints to give me.