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    Struts2 Portlet Issue

      I have a Struts2 JSR168 Portlet with multiple actions under the view namespace. The portlet actually functions as it should with no errors with the exception of that the portlet lives on it's own tab. When the users clicks on one of the actions for display a different view the action executes but returns them to the home tab of the portal.

      If you return to the tab you will see that the portlet executed the action and is displaying the correct view.

      I do not believe that this is a struts issue because the portlet works perfectly when it's in the portlet container in Glassfish and works if it's on the portals home page and not on it's own tab.

      Is there something that we might have a misconfiguration in our container or the portal itself, a known bug or will this just be another thing to be promised to be fixed in the new Sun portal?