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    Question on PortletPreferences in Sun Java Portal server

      We are seeing some unusual behaviour in Sun java portal server. When we store portlet preferences, they are not getting affected to other users. As per our understanding, PortletPreferences are global. If set by one user they should affect all other users. But this is not happening.
      We have user Vignette portal as well. The behaviour is same. If set once, portlet preferences are affected for all users.

      But here in our case, with sun java portal server, different users are seeing different preferences. If we set some preferences in Edit mode, for a particular user, the other user is able to see the same changes. Is this expected behaviour?

      Are we supposed to add sun-portlet.xml as well? We are not adding sun-portlet.xml when deploying.

      Can someone please help us in resolving this issue?

      If not possible with portlet prefs, is there an alternative approach to store preferences at global level that affect all users?


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