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    User login issues

      Hello Mufasa ,

      I have portal 7.1 update 2 on X86 machine.
      I have deployed sample portals also.
      I am able to login using users come with sample portal.
      however for normal users from my organization o=example.com,dc=example,dc=com (dummy) are not able to login.

      I also assigned related services of portal from amconsole.
      user creation from amconsole also adding attributes related to portal server like dp properties and etc.
      I able to access mails, amconsole using those userid, problem is with portal login.

      any idea what am i missing to make those users to login to sample portals.

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          Hi Sanjeev

          Can you please send try to login to your portal with the users of your organization abd send me the access manager error logfile (/var/opt/SUNWam/logs/amAuthentication.error) info.

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            Hi Mufasa,
            The problem has been resolved . The error was due to the fact that the LDAP was searching the users in Enterprisesample organization only , I have changed it to dc=example ,dc=com and the users are getting no login issues now