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    Portal Server 7, WebSpace Server, Liferay - What's the difference

      Hi Forum

      I am relatively new to Sun and the related technologies and am trying to understand the difference between the main technology offerings. The myriad of information available makes it bit confusing to understand the differences between the various portal offerings and does not clearly indicate which one superseded the other if the case.

      1. Are Portal Server and WebSpace Server the same or are these total different applications?
      2. How does WebSpace Server differ from Liferay? (I understand this originated from Web Synergy / Open Portal / Liferay but am not sure what the differences are between the technologies, if any)
      3. What are the benefits to go with WebSpace Server oppose to using the Liferay builds?
      4. If I choose to use WebSpace Server, would I loose out on any Liferay functionality?
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          there is a huge difference between Sun Portal Server 7.1/7.2 and webspace/liferay, sun portal 7.1/7.2 is tightly integrated with Sun Java Systems Access manager and Ldap directory server whereas with Webspace and Liferay you do not need any of these components to save configuration and user information. The thing is that Sun Portal Server 7.1/7.2 have another component called Secure remote access to access internal compnay information securely which does not exist in webspace or Liferay. Webspace/Liferay make use of a database to save user and role information. Though you can use Sun Access Manager (now called opensso) in Webspace or Liferay for single sign-on.

          Webspace originated from liferay there is not much of a difference except for configuration files.

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            Hi Mufasa

            Thanks for the clarification.

            Considering that we need to build a more "social" friendly app, I presume WebSpace server might be more appropriate, although data privacy / security will become increasingly important as we progress.

            I glanced through the info related to Sun SSO and it seems that this will provide more control and ease of use from a user perspective.

            Two questions:

            1. Can one start a portal without initial SSO integration and later migrate to SSO integration or would this imply a total reinstall?
            2. I am not sure what exactly integration to SSO implies. Is this a cumbersome procedure or is it relatively simple to do?

            Best regards and thanks for your input.

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