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    Oracle database "must be named lportal" Really?!

      Sorry for the hassle gentlemen, but this really bugs me. Why on earth would there be a required name for the database? Or is this just for ease of instruction purposes? Who would want to devote an entire Oracle cluster database to the portal (maybe I'm way off base?) but I'd like to keep my sun applications connecting to the same database though different schemas. Not to mention that it'll be connecting from an app server thats just using a tnsnames file anyway, so what does the name of the database really matter?

      And the syntax the install manual uses? ( http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-7053/girgq?a=view )
      CREATE DATABASE lportal    
      CHARACTER SET Clause
      Really? Seriously? DBAS all around the world are crying right now.... I only wish it were like that in a production environment.

      I could be way off base like I mentioned before, and my frustration mostly stems from my developers telling me "NO NO NO Read it!! It says you have to do it this way!"

      There must be a config file for this, correct?

      Thanks for any light shed... fairly new to Glassfish, let alone now getting sucked into this. Seems like a great product! But the config's got me heated! :P