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    Updating user display profile using dpadmin?


      I have situation with display profile for my desktop. I have 3 levels of tab in my desktop, the problem is

      I'm trying to set the default start tab on each level when a top level tab is clicked. After reading Desktop customization guide, I understood that user desktop always take higher priority than top level global desktop.xml. FYI, We have more than 10000 users under each role.
      When I change the default startTab on global desktop which is not reflecting the changes down to user desktop xml, I understand that it cannot override the user display profile xml, if I want to override I should pick a user display profile and edit it manually.

      Is there a way I can run a dpadmin command or using DSAME interface to override the all user profiles with global display profile so that when any user logs in, we have a standard startTab for each level.

      The only way this is possible for me at the moment is to go into each user display profile and remove startTab from their desktop.xml or blank out their desktop.xml content completely so that global display profile xml overrides user desktop profile xml. I'm sure this is not a best way to do it and I cannot edit all the user (more than 1000) display profile one by one.

      And also sometime when I assign a user to a new role their desktop.xml is blank, any idea why this is blank? All the old users have their desktop xml content which inherited dp from global dp.

      Any help is much appreciated.
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          I can answer the first part:

          If you want to override a certain properties or value from the global level, try to use the lock attribute.

          For e.g.,

          <String name="someString" value="value" lock="true"/>

          All display profile will have the same value on that string property regardless of priority.
          Hope that works.