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    Error message while creating database

      Log error
      while creating new database
      XML Parsing Error: junk after document element
      Location: http://portalserver/psconsole/faces/search/RobotPropertiesHome.jsp
      Line Number 18, Column 1:<body id="_id3" onload="return _id3_jsObject

      I have created my new search engine .
      and the robot is not running.I getting log error.
      and no directory is created with the search name.
      please help me with the fields..
      creating search server..

      required Port:
      required Configuration Name:
      Required Instance:
      *Web Container Administration*
      Required Administration Host:
      Required Administration Port:
      Required Administrator:
      Required Administration Password:
      *Web Container Directories*
      Required Install Directory:
      Required Instance Directory:
      Required Document Root Directory: