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    How to Deploying the Portlet on Sun Portal Server 6


      Help me to deploy the portlet on Sun Portal Server 6.
      [Sun JES 2005Q4 windows platform.]

      I have Helloword.war file which contains one simple JSR 168 based portlet.
      and want to deploy it and resiger in portal server so that using Access manager console, I can create the new channels for portlets..

      1. I deployed Helloword.war file using webserver administration console
      2. Not able to regester in portal server .. due to this
      I tried pdeploy command from command prompt

      pdeploy deploy -u "uid=admin,ou=People,o=INDIA.ORGNAME.COM,dc=INDIA,dc=ORGNAME,dc=COM" -w adminadmin -p adminadmin -d "dc=INDIA,dc=ORGNAME,dc=COM" -f "ou=DSAME Users,dc=INDIA,dc=ORGNAME,dc=COM" -v C:\HelloWorld\dist\HelloWorld.war

      I tried following command to list the web applications which contains portlet
      wdeploy list -i dtpxp-ryagnik1.INDIA.ORGNAME.COM -v https-dtpxp-ryagnik1.INDIA.ORGNAME.COM

      it shows me the /helloworld

      Please help me

      Thanks in Advance