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    OWA 2003 SP1 Ruleset


      Does anyone have the latest ruleset for OWA 2003 SP1 that works? We are running JES 2003Q4 and OWA mostly works but still has a few glitches:

      - URL inside messages are not rewritten
      - The logoff button is not rewritten
      - unable to delete my reminders that come up in a popup box
      - Some icons are missing in the delete function.

      I'm not sure if we have the latest rulesets with the patches being release for our version of JES. If anyone has a good ruleset and works great with OWA 2003 from any version of JES, I would appreciate if they could post it here.


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          the drop down menu access is rectified by following these steps:

          1. Goto amconsole -> Service Configuration -> Portal Server Configuration/Rewriter ->
          2. Edit the ruleset "exchange_2003_owa_ruleset"
          3. Add <Variable name="g_sBase" type="URL"/> below <JSRules>
          4. Save the ruleset
          5. Restart all your servers
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            Thanks for your reply. This one line in the rewriter code actually fixed two of our problems. We have one problem outstanding. Currently, when someone sends a link into an email, the OWA software send that link to a redirect before going to the actual URL. The redirects is:


            This doesn't go anywhere since it doesn't get rewritten as it should:


            As anyone solved this problem?

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              We haven't seen this problem yet.

              It would be easy to solve, if we know how these URL got generated or how it is used.
              It could be solved by adding an additional rule to the ruleset.

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                R U using the Premium verion or the basic version of OWA? If we use the basic version, everything works fine. It's when we switch to premium these problems surfaces.

                Thanks for your responses and help,