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    war file location file for pdeploy


      Very sorry to bother you again . I run the following undeploy command (not full path) , I still got error message.

      C:\Sun\PortalServer\bin> pdeploy undeploy -u amAdmin -w ampasswd -g -p amAdminpasswd /portletsamples.war

      Exception getting xml as stream: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Sun\PortalServer\tmp\portlet\portletsamples.war_portlet.xml (The system cannot find the file

      I don't know the "C:\Sun\PortalServer\tmp\portlet" come from where ? Where I should put the portletsamples.war file

      Can you show me which web.xml file defined the location for portletsamples.war file ? how ?

      When we do "pdeploy deploy" and "pdeploy undeploy" , do both commands use the same web.xml file for pdeploy ?