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    Certadmin is adding new SSL certificate with wrong name

      I'm using certadmin to add a new certificate from Thawte. Did it successfully the past few years, but can't do it this year for some reason. It looks like everything is working, but when I go to look at the store after adding the cert it comes up with the same name as last year's certificate. For example,

      portal.rhsmith.umd.edu u,u,u
      portal_2003 u,u,u
      portal_2003 u,u,u
      server-cert u,u,u

      ...where portal_2003 is the name of last year's cert. Before running certadmin there was just one of 'em. The .nickname does change to the new name I entered in, but it doesn't get stored with that name and the gateway gets confused. Changing .nickname to portal_2003 lets the gateway start, but it's finding the old (about to expire) cert, not the new one I just bought. Any ideas, anyone?

      Thanks for your help,