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    Portal 3 Profile access through JSP on iws6

      I have portal 3 sp4 and iws6 installed on the same server. The portal basically has URL scrappers of the web server. I want to access the user profile from the JSP sitting on the iws6.

      For this i have added the following lines in the JSP

      <%@ page import="java.io.*"%>
      <%@ page import="java.util.*"%>
      <%@ page import="com.iplanet.portalserver.naming.*"%>
      <%@ page import="com.iplanet.portalserver.session.*"%>
      <%@ page import="com.iplanet.portalserver.profile.*"%>
      SessionID sid = null;
      Session sess = null;
      sid = new SessionID(request);
      sess = Session.getSession(sid);
      Profile profile = sess.getUserProfile();
      catch(Exception e)

      Exception Occured
      out.println(" Error Message "+e);

      When i try to access the JSP it is throwing the following exception.

      com.iplanet.portalserver.session.SessionException: Invalid service host name .

      What do i have to do to access the profile info of the user from the JSP.

      Any suggestion is welcome.